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Chart & Stethoscope

Van Dusen Medical Services

Fatima Abdulai Van Dusen MD FACOG 

Personalized gynecologic and primary care for women

  • Menstrual irregularities and abnormal bleeding 

  • STD checkup and testing 

  • Dyspareunia, sexual difficulties 

  • Chronic pelvic pain

  • Abnormal Pap smear and follow ups

  • Infertility evaluation and testing

  • Abnormal vulvar dermatology (lesions, masses)

  • Abnormal vulvar function ( pain, discharge etc)

  • Postmenopausal care

  • Pessary care

  • Acute care - Urinary tract infection, abnormal discharge, STD exposures etc

Services include the following: 

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Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 12-4pm

Appointments may be scheduled online, just click on the link below

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