Van Dusen Medical Services

Fatima Abdulai Van Dusen MD FACOG 


 Personalized Gynecologic Care

Fatima Abdulai Van Dusen MD FACOG 

Van Dusen Medical Services is proud to offer personalized gynecologic care including the following: 

Menstrual irregularities and abnormal bleeding 

STD checkup and testing 

Dyspareunia, sexual difficulties 

Chronic pelvic pain

Abnormal Pap smear follow ups

Infertility evaluation and testing

Abnormal vulvar dermatology (lesions, masses)

Abnormal vulvar function ( pain, discharge etc)

Postmenopausal care

Pessary care

Acute care - Urinary tract infection, abnormal discharge, STD exposures etc

Gynecologic Care

Currently accepting  Telemedicine appointments  until the COVID 19 pandemic is resolved. Patients who need a physical exam would be scheduled on a limited basis to maintain social distancing. 

Primary Care for Women

The restrictions above apply, but please call the office (503-741-1199) for drug refills, labwork or any pressing medical needs.


Office Hours

Can be scheduled online 

Tuesday and Thursday: 12-4 pm                  May schedule other appointments by request for Monday and Wednesday 12- 4 pm times 


2200 Exchange St
Astoria, Clatsop County 97103



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